At Mungham Computer Services we aim to provide a complete spectrum of services for all users. Home users can expect impartial advice on hardware purchases right throught to installation and a secure setup of home wired and wireless networks for all of the family, but not the whole street!

Business users have available the option of full maintenance agreements covering all of your technology support to ad-hoc support and supply. Below is a more detailed list of our services:
Maintenance agreements - We provide a comprehensive selection of maintenance agreements that range to a small retainer and a reduced hourly rate to a fully inclusive agreement with all labour and support included.

Laptop repairs - Mungham Computer Services can provide a collect or drop off service to fix a wide range of laptop hardware faults, ranging from DC power jack damage to screen replacement and chip re-soldering. All undertaken in state-of-the-art facilities to exacting standards of quality.

Onsite troubleshooting - We always try to resolve all client problems onsite to ensure that the client has a working system tested in its operating environment. There is no call out fee and work is charged only for the time spent onsite working on the problems - £55 + VAT per hour. We also provide a full virus and spyware removal service.

Hardware Supply - We can supply custom built machines for any requirement. For a comprehensive selection of ready-made base units and systems that can be customised to allow a machine of the right specification and price, please use the ‘Contact Us’ page and send an email with your requirements or specification.

Hardware and software installation - We can install all software and hardware to ensure optimum performance and total value for money from your investment. We do not even require that the products to be installed are provided by Mungham Computer Services. We are still happy to complete the installation.

Leasing - We can provide a complete leasing solution for our business clients to allow them to reduce the initial outlay of their IT investment and ensure that all of the benefits that this option offers are exercised. Some of these include tax benefits and keeping out goings low and constant.

Network cabling - Cat5 and Cat6 cabling of a single point to a full building solution at highly competative costs and using only high quality components and cable.
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